Legal and Compliance

Our Compliance Department is a leading regulatory consultancy unit that provides top notch legal advisory services to organisations in both the public and private sectors. Our team of seasoned professionals has the regulatory expertise and the ability to communicate effectively with the regulatory bodies to achieve the best outcome for our clients wherever this is required. We have a team of experienced lawyers who adhere to the highest professional and ethical standards. Our team of experts is constantly scanning the horizon for new regulations and potential changes in regulations that may affect the various business sectors in the economy.


Corporate Governance Review

The National Code of Corporate Governance, Security and Exchange Commission Code of Corporate Governance for Public Companies and sector specific codes have mandated that there be an annual performance appraisal of the Boards of Companies as a formal method of facilitating organisational growth and development in line with international best practices.

In carrying out our assessment, our team of experts uses an approach that is tailored towards ensuring investors’ confidence, corporate success, economic growth and effective communication in every organisation which will guarantee maximum results and add value to the Directors and the organisation as a whole.


Company Secretarial Services

We offer an extensive and effective range of Company Secretarial Services that are aimed at ensuring that companies are run legally and ethically. Our global outlook and deep understanding of the legal framework for corporate organisations allows us to effectively support the board and incorporate guidance to ensure that all board activities are in line with international best practices and regulatory standards. Our services include but not limited to; scheduling meetings, taking minutes and record keeping, maintaining the register of Directors and Shareholders, and statutory filings.


Compliance Monitoring and Assessment

Regulatory Compliance is beyond knowing and understanding the legislation and the regulatory framework that applies to a business. It involves being able to demonstrate that the business and its entities adhere to these regulations and are complying at all times. That means keeping records of checks, having policies and procedures around the legislation, having specific people take responsibility for compliance, and retaining evidence that a compliance check/ audit is conducted from time-to-time to close gaps and avoid risks.


Our role involves working together with you to measure compliance, ensure your operations work like clockwork, and your organisation is legally able to operate in every jurisdiction and within the legal framework of your industry.